The stories we tell and how we tell them have a huge impact on the life of our community. How we learn and tell about triumphs and disasters, problems and solutions, barriers and breakthroughs affects how we feel about our community, and how or whether we get involved. Full Story

The report, "Good News/Good Deeds: Citizen Effectiveness in the Age of Electronic Democracy," contains detailed research findings and commentary for the community sector, news media, and new media. It explores the questions:

What can not-for-profits do to strengthen communications and build community?

Can news media step forward and take new leadership in the important community conversations?

Can new technology go beyond information and commerce, to helping citizens build community and generate new knowledge and wisdom?

It also includes bibliography, web site listings, and glossary for further exploration of these issues.

Telling Stories: Building Community by Improving Community

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Celebrating Solutions A new interactive multi-media approach to community story-telling
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Journalism That Matters
Journalists reinvent their craft, tell bigger stories.
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Download the Good News Good Deeds Executive Overview. (This is a 1454k document in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.)